CF Smackdown leads the way at local CFF event

Congratulations to all-- the recent CFF Great Strides event in Chattanooga was a record-breaker. More than $130,000 raised overall, and the CF Smackdown team (a rookie who came out of nowhere) led the field with nearly $32,000 raised so far (nearly all through upstart partner nonprofit Causeway-- thank you, Causeway).  Hundreds of folks turned out, enjoyed music, walked around in circles, and overall, continued to pile on in the fight against cystic fibrosis.

And did you see the sea of capes and lightning bolts? They were all with the CF Smackdown. Expect to see more where that came from. And let us know if you or your community would like to join the Smackdown and overwhelm your next event with capes and lightning bolts.

Join us as we build momentum in a fight that will be won within this decade.